Thursday, May 7, 2009

Moon Over Miss Aria

Fabulous moon rise this evening.

For a particularly spectacular moon shot, check out Thoughts From The Road.

Yes, I realize I've posted twice today and neither post contains a daily dose of Keebler (and Graham Lamb) cuteness. I have some goodies saved for tomorrow though. I thought we'd show Aria a little love tonight.


Stasia said...

Aria is so pretty by moonlight. :) Hasn't it been a fabulous moon this month? (Perhaps because here it is the first one I can stand outside and enjoy without freezing!)

Smooches to the BB lambies!

Stasia said...

Oh! Reading backwards - congrats on the bees!

We used to keep them, too, but we never captured a swarm - you're amazing!

Ed said...

Very nice shot!!!!


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