Friday, May 22, 2009

You Can Tell By The Overhang...

I came home yesterday and was greeted by a peach colored cat on the porch.

"Hey Brushy. How's it going? Did I miss anything?"

Wait a minute.

That ain't Brushy.


He'd been gone for a day or so and I was afraid (okay, sort of hopeful) that the other cats (Comby!) had chased him away.

Any cats that come around here and will let us get ahold them get Feline Leukemia and AIDS tested (we've been lucky and not had any positives), given their shots and 'tutered. At least that way they've got a better shot of not getting sick and giving anything to our existing cats and at very least aren't adding to the cat population if they move on. HAHAHA - no one ever moves on.

So then we feed them for the rest of their lives, add some flea and tick treatment throughout the summers, update their shots every year, treat their boo boo's (note the lump on Scrunchy's back - thanks a lot Comby!), buy them stupid heated cat beds and build them outrageous condos so that everyone has a warm place to sleep in the winter.

The fruits of our labors? Yeah, that would be Brushy.


Dana and Daisy said...

Oh my gosh, Brushy! So cute with his paws hanging off the railing! lol!

I need a cat at the cabin. I actually saw rats scampering around in the woods.

The problem is I'm not there to feed them and keep them from becoming ferrel. Maybe a neighbor's cat will come visit and help me with those rats.

Nancy K. said...

I suspect there will be a very special place in Heaven for you!


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

for the cats, is that all? :-)

Jenny Glen said...

My goodness! The word must be getting around that you are the place to go if you are a cat. or a lamb. or a dog. or a bee. or a pony. or even a spider.

Alice said...

The new addition looks like a very well fed cat that has not been horribly abused. I will bet that Scrunchy will keep you company when the baby lambs grow up and leave the house. I'll bet Brushy and Comby told him it was a great, loving place to stay.

Patchworkfibers said...

Dorothy wants to be a cat at your place :-)
Well, maybe not - she is not into sharing!

Tammy said...

This post made me laugh out loud. So funny, and so true. It's so refreshing to know there are others that 'jump through the hoops' for all the residents and strays that show up. Love it.

DayPhoto said...

He is giving you kitty love eyes! And he is very beautiful! I'm glad he found you, heck everyone should find you!



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