Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Give Me A Break

It's 60 bajillion degrees here with about 500% humidity. No lie.

I've watched a progression throughout the day from Comby's feet sticking up in the air to falling off the chair, getting back up and going right back to sleep.

I've been trudging back and forth from the barn in sun so bright I can't even open my eyes all the way.

And I'm sweating. I Hate. To. Sweat.

And I broke my good [cheap] sunglasses.

Eli's sleeping under the porch.

Give me 40 and raining any day.

This does seem a little cooler Brushy, what with the breeze being able to blow underneath you. Good thinking :-/.

Because at least then I don't have to look at all my hardworking compatriots.

Aw, ain't she cute. With her widdle head up on a dirt pillow.

Which is why she's called the Garden Weasel. Nice hole there Weaslie.

The only reason Iris and Claire Bear aren't pictured is they are smart enough to hide [it's too hot to go looking for them].

Scrunchy's laying low because he heard something about getting 'tutered tomorrow.



Pam said...

Does it seem like it has been unseasonably, unbearably hot for so early in the year??? We need those little hats with the propellors that spray a mimst of water on us.
What is Scrunchy being 'tutered in-birth control?

Alice said...

Weaslie has the best idea! A nice cool hole! Makes sense to me! I take it that sticking your hands in the fish tank was your idea for staying cool ( and productive)?

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

it's hot? I don't see where you are located. It just stays rainy and cool here in NC Appalachians.

FYI - My goat kid accepted the bottle now. I bought a baby bottle, held up her jaw, and she caught on fairly quickly.

melanie said...

Ahem. We don't sweat. As I have been told: Toilets sweat; men perspire; women glisten.

VioletSky said...

Sleepiong cats are better than television.

and Melanie, I learned it as "horses sweat, men perspire, women glow"

~Molly~ said...

Here in northeast Texas it has been mild! Usually we are swimming by early May but this year we haven't even got our pool ready yet because it just isn't hot enough!

LOVE the pics, they are LOL worthy and then some, 'specially Weaslie.

Dana and Daisy said...

we had an outdoor sauna yesterday, ugh! But I noticed if you could stnad the mosqitoes, it was a lot cooler in the garden in the evening. However, I don't think I was wise to be watering on such a hot humid night. I'll probably regret that when I start seeing spores sprout on my flowers.

cyndy said...

now I feel bad for complaining about 40 degrees and tomato plants would love the weather you are having :-)

thecrazysheeplady said...

My tomatoes would be thrilled with this weather...if they weren't still in the greenhouse. We've had enough rain though so I can actually dig into the dirt. They are headed to the garden today.

One should never EVER complain about 40 and raining ;-).

Yes, *that* tutering

We are in central Kentucky, north of Lexington, where it's way hot enough to set up the pool - my only salvation.

And I sweat like a horse...or a toilet :-O.

DayPhoto said...

You made me laugh and laugh and laugh!
Not about the heat, but about the animals just vegging out.

Hope our rain gets to you soon. I think it is on it's way!


Anonymous said...

Now, now. Just because the 'glow' is running down in rivulets on your sides and face and making your eyes sting does NOT mean you are 'sweating'.

I am with Weaslie; get my belly on moist cool earth when it is really hot.

I am in the Pacific Northwest - so north I am a foreigner. I am still in my flannel jammies and considering putting the eiderdown back on the bed. Hopefully things will even out soon. It is supposed to be a sunny weekend this weekend.


Peacecat said...

Hey! Sara! Come to Alaska. Guess what? It's raining, and 48 degrees today.

(Not rubbing it in. I'd like a bit of warmth, myself!)


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