Thursday, May 14, 2009

Keebles And Beets

Look! Another rainy day.

While normally I'd be thrilled about a cool, rainy day, the Bluegrass Classic Stock Dog Trials are this week and the rain is messing up my "vacation". This is my favorite weekend of the year. I set up my little Punkin's Patch tent, watch and listen to the dogs and sheep work all day long, visit with friends, make new friends, catch up on some spinning and knitting - in between eating the local scout troop's pancakes for breakfast every morning - and sometimes even take a lamb (or two) with me.

So, while the boys are sleeping and I'm watching the weather channel trying to figure out the best time to try to go get set up this afternoon, I'll try to clarify a question (or two) I've had regarding names around here.

Keebler - his nicknames are pretty obvious - Keebs, Keebster, Keebles...

Graham Lamb - he hasn't gotten into enough trouble yet to warrant anything more descriptive unless I'm calling them together and then sometimes it's Beets, but he doesn't seem to mind.

Iris - Iris Maybelle, Iris Maybelle McGillicutty, Mavis.

Miss Tilly - here's where it gets complicated. And sort of funny. Miss Tilly, The Garden Weasel, Weaslie, Miss Weaslie, Tilly Bobby, Short Round, Haz Mat, Cheesely and Dammit Weaslie (hey, she's a corgi - nuff said ;-). She adds a new name every few months, so I'll try to keep you posted.

Fiddle - Fifi or Wiwi

Eli - nothing

Brushy and Comby - nada

Claire Bear
- frequently called Snowball (the Simpson's cat) or CB

We'll leave all the adult sheep for another day. The sun just peeked out, so I'm going to make a run for it!


Nancy K. said...

I wish you a beautiful, sunny and warm weekend!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

durn, I hope the weather clears up for ya.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! That clears things up. I could see her being a Weaslie; Miss Tillie has an impish face without the innocence Keebler has.

Some of your photos are sitting in the back of my mind. The one of Graham running for the asparagus is one. I expect the Night watch kitty will be too (I appologize I have forgotten his name already.) Thank you for that.

We have blue herons here. There is a rookery a few miles south of work so I often see them as I commute. They are the most awesome things. I hope you get your shot.


DayPhoto said...

Have fun! Sell lots of stuff and come back with all sorts of stories for us!


Alice said...

The air is so rainsoaked, there is no place for the droplets to fall. They may as well linger on the needles.
Looks like Keebler and Graham Lamb are sharing the blankie like good buddies should.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Oddly, we haven't figured out where the local rookery is here. We know which direction he/she flies, but it's mystery past that.

Thanks for the nice weather this afternoon y'all! Keep up the good work :-D.

Anonymous said...

I hope the dogtrials are wonderfull and you have a pleasant and successful time. ; )


Anonymous said...

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