Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Boo House Rock

Remember Boo's shanty town shack from last year? Since that actually worked quite well, Saint Tim decided to build him a real house this year...and not a minute too soon. Here is where we found him sleeping a couple evenings ago.

Even with Sunshine's wash towels as a pillow, a wooden pallet cannot be very comfortable.

The towel "blanket" only helps a little.

Here is where Boo's sleeping tonight.

Much better!


Nancy K. said...


It will be interesting to see if Boo continues to use his new bedroom suite.

He is SUCH a beautiful dog. One would never know, from his pictures, that he is 14 years old ~ it must be all the rest he gets.....


Sharrie said...

I showed this to Scooter and Libby, my tri collies. I have been trying to instill in them how lucky they are to be house dogs. Libby, being a Florida dog, has no idea what I am talking about. However, after last winter, Scooter understands. They promised to be better in the house so that Jake does not have to build them a condo. Libby's mom and some siblings were merle's. Sorry about the long comment.

She sure is strange! said...

I'm so glad he has a new bedroom! That pallet did NOT look comfy at all, poor baby!


Shelley said...

How nice! What a comfy bed for sweety Boo. To answer your question from my blog, no, I can't touch Bob Kitty yet. I'm working on it. He's walked about 2 feet away from me so we're making improvement. It took me a year of Mama kitty being in our house before I could pick her up, so I'm trying to be patient.


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