Saturday, March 1, 2008

Boo's De-Luxe New House And How He Doesn't Get To Use It

Poor Boo. He gets too hot in the house at night, but it's too cold to spend the night outside, especially at his age (around 14 or so). He's miserable, we're miserable and we wish we could figure out a way for him to stay warm outside.

Well, he's too big for the average dog house and would be too creaky to crawl into it even if he could fit. What to do? New stove to the rescue! Not ours of course - I will never wear a stove out - but someone in town apparently did. This was a snag from the recycling center! A little creative duct tape, a thick cushioned bed and a thick layer of straw. Perfect.

So where's Boo sleeping these days?

Poor Boo.


~Tonia~ said...

Looks like Boo needs to take his home back from the home wreckers. LOL

Morton Salt River Ranch said...

We have a Boo too~a Great Pyrenees who is wonderful! Just six months old and so well mannered. I know you don't do MySpace but I have lots of pix of him there and new ones of our new goats and chickens. Take care Sara...Jax


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