Saturday, March 29, 2008

So, What's In YOUR Greenhouse?

One of my native plant friends asked me that last week. Somehow...NOTHING was in my greenhouse. Well, except the cats of course. I guess with the weather being so crazy for so long maybe I forgot spring would soon be here.

She took pity on me and brought me a flat of violas because there should always be something green in the greenhouse. This in turn prompted me to get some seeds started, and for some instant gratification I picked up a flat of pretty pansies.

Saint Tim is out servicing the lawn mowers - I just love to hear that sound - and then he's going to do the spring maintenance on the carriages. What are those hard working horses up to?

Updated at 4:15 p.m. Why do these animals keep mocking me :-/.

SO, what's in YOUR greenhouse?

1 comment:

~Tonia~ said...

Nothing - we don't have one. ;) But there are seedlings growing on top of our frig. If we keep them down to where the cats can get to them then they will pick all the new little groth out. Ugh


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