Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Winter Weaving

Even though it's almost spring, with the crazy daylight saving time and all, it still feels like winter... for one more day. Doesn't this rug look nice with the snow-ish background?

This has been on my big loom for a long time. I started it, didn't really like it, quit working on it, thought about cutting it off and moving on to something else, realized that was silly. If nothing else, I figured I could use all weaving practice I can get and here was something warped up and ready to go if I would just put my mind to it. So I did. And as I was working, I still didn't like it. However, when I took it off the loom last night I realized it looked completely different and it was actually pretty nice. Lesson learned.

This is some of my earliest handspun yarn. The fleeces, which I'm sure were not too great, were completely processed at Ohio Valley Natural Fibers several years ago and returned to me as "core roving", meaning they washed it and then separated the colors and "combed" them back together with the darker wool in the center, or core, and the lighter wool around the outside. It was beautiful.

I had a great time learning to spin it and what better way to use your first spinning, with all it's "irregularities", than to make a rug. I designed this to fit between our couch and coffee table (aka the dining room table). It fits perfectly, is cool because it's our own sheep's wool, was handspun and handwoven... and could never be found at the local Sprawl-Mart ;-).

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~Tonia~ said...

It came out great. Yes it is much better than what you can get in any store for sure, plus it came from your sheep.


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