Thursday, October 9, 2008

Double Weave

More with the creepy spiders?

I love foggy fall mornings. Even during a drought, everything looks fresh and cool and almost mystical. I noticed several double decker spider webs covered in heavy dew this morning and decided to take a photo break. As I've found over and over again exploring with my camera, what you think is there just walking past a shrub in the yard is nothing compared to what you find if you really look.

Not only were there double weave webs,

but triple decker webs,

some tiny, very simple single webs

and big ones, too.

Even webs with little Hobbit Holes.

And then there is this beauty.

What do you think was going on here? Different variety of spider or just a weaver after my own heart ;-).

I missed what would have been a great spider "documentary" a couple weeks ago. We'd had big wind come through and a huge web just outside one of our windows was completely full of debris. I thought about going out and taking a picture, but didn't. I should have. I had thought the web was ruined, but the next morning all the debris had been carefully moved to the outside of the web and a brand new web hung in its place. Don't pass by. Stop. Take a look. Or a picture.

1 comment:

flowerweaver said...

I am no spider expert, but I do know that Black Widow spiders weave erratic webs like the last picture, and Wolf spiders weave funnel webs, like your Hobbit Hole web.


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