Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sneak Peek

I always try to have something new in our booth at the Kentucky Sheep and Wool Festival, which, don't forget, is this weekend. This year we decided it should be something for our favorite birds.

Birds love to add bits of wool to their nests (and you know I like to find our wool in their nests :-). It looks to not only help provide structure, but surely also soft, snuggly-ness for their babies as well. We played around with several different designs and have come up with this holiday ornament to hang in our outdoor Christmas trees.

I liked the prototype well enough, but when I saw them start filling the boxes, I had to say, "Now those are pretty darn cute!" I hope the birds enjoy them as well.


~Tonia~ said...

How cute!!!! So how much are they? Gotta make sure I have some extra $$ for a few.

kristi said...

A very, very cute idea! Something to ponder over as a craft idea! Best Wishes for a successful weekend at the Kentucky Sheep Show:)

She sure is strange! said...

How sweet those are!!

Loved your packed car, that was too funny.



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