Sunday, February 26, 2023

My Favorite Sheep...Of The Week

Biscuit, one of the fleece "show ponies" of the flock, out grazing pastorally by the big pond with his friends, raising beautiful wool in preparation for shearing next month.


These pictures were actually taken almost three weeks ago now.  The grass has greened way up since then.  This is not good for fat sheep or fat horses, but does make it easier to keep them from foraging for snacks in places where I have to pull off a bunch of, ahem, vegetable matter.

Biscuit grew up to be one of the more "background sheep".  He's still cute and sweet and loves attention, but he's not going to fight his way into the mix of the big personalities that hog all the attention in the "foreground".

His BFF is still Muffin and I find them either side by side or near each other most of the time.  I just love that.  Mini Moose, the gray sheep next to him in the first picture, is another of his best buddies.  Mini Moose is another of the background sheep.  Both boys are polite and kind and well worth the effort to visit.

I can identify many of the sheep by their voice.  Well, I should say of the talkers in the flock, I can identify most of them.  Not everyone says much or even anything.  Biscuit is easy though.  He has one of the deepest baaas ever.  I don't think he's talking to me much anymore, but I should start paying more attention to see if I can figure out what he's saying and to whom.

Here is a link to his new baby post.  He was definitely a cutie.  
If you'd like to hang out with the background boys for a bit, here's a fun new puzzle :-).

Any special requests for the next Sheep of the Week?


Shirley said...

Love seeing the baby photos and what they look like now.
Blossom please!

Sybil J. said...

I am enjoying the sheep of the week. Your pick is fine with me. I look forward to learning about them.

Krista said...

What about Krista? Ha!

microdog141 said...

He is even more adorable than I remembered. Sitting here, giggling, saying "oh my gosh....oh my gosh!" and then when he just curled up between your feet, I just melted. I adore your Biscuit! Now to go back to his baby posts...
-cheri in urbana

Far Side of Fifty said...

Sheep on the week can be any of your flock. I love them all. They all have stories:)


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