Sunday, March 5, 2023

The 2023 Iknitarod...Already Racing To Catch Up

The Iknitarod actually started yesterday.  I'm frequently a photo finisher, but usually not a photo starter (!).  It's been a crazy few days.  

I did finally finish my Jared sweater, but I knit so much on it (over and over) that I think I need to let my hands and arms take a break so this year I'm going to weave for the race.  I'm going to make a V shawl using the Lamb Camp Legacy yarn. 

The Legacy yarn was spun from a bunch of Rocky and Jared's sons and daughters over at Tring Farm.  There were originally three colors - medium gray, dark gray and white.  I'm going to use just the grays. 

Rocky and Jared are going to be my team captains. Jared is actually dark gray under his sunbleached brown curls.  I'm wearing our new sweater.  It's actually more of a brownish dark gray (pictures coming soon!), but I colored it more brown here so we are matchy-matchy.  

We are sad there is no snow and no real hope of snow during the next 12 days, but we can always look to the sky just in case.  And while we are out there, we might glimpse of Jupiter and Venus.  The stars are lovely regardless.


I'm going to start by weaving a small sample on this little Dorothy table loom so I get some more practice on the crossing technique before I move to the big loom.  It's not hard to tote around, so maybe the Grahaminator will still get some use during the race. I, of course, have almost perfectly matching gray stuffed sheep who are going to be my Iknitariders :-). 

And we're off!

And I'm going to try really hard to be back on here later today to post our Sheep of the Week!  :-D


janejmtl said...

Good luck and good racing to you and your totally adorable Iknitariders! Mush on. :-)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hope you have a great race!

MarmePurl said...

Looking forward to seeing your weaving project. AND the full Jared sweater photos!


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