Friday, March 10, 2023

Battle Of The Beds

A couple of days ago the temps started to drop back into a more normal late winter range and the price of real estate in the toasty Wool House skyrocketed.  

Possum had been enjoying a nice nap on Baaxter's blanket when Archie wandered in.  As he jumped up there and surveyed the scene I thought "Hmmm, I guess we'll find out who's bed dis* is."

Archie looks pretty smug after evicting Possum.  Not to worry.  She just moved over to the electric heater ;-).

Since then they've possibly come to a bit of a truce.  

They are actually even touching just a bit here!

Today Possum let Archie have the Baaxter bed while she made herself at home on some sweaters.  She probably knew he was headed to the couch basement :-D.

 *"Dis my bed" has been a running theme on Instagram for the last couple of years.  Who knows if I ever mentioned it over here.  I hope to do something fun with that this summer.


Anonymous said...

"Dis my bed" book!!! Just a suggestion...😁. K Littrell

Michelle said...

They both look pretty content!

Terry and Linda said...

They look like they both won!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Cute...they must have a truce...or perhaps they will be friends afterall:)


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