Sunday, February 12, 2023

My Favorite Sheep...Of The Week

By special request...

Muuuuuffin ("You gotta say it right." :-)

I also had some questions about the black sheep turning gray so I thought I could talk about both things in one post, but then I thought about all the sweet pictures of Muffin and her mom that I wanted to include and decided to leave the focus just on the sheep and do a separate post about the interesting colors.

Muffin had a rough start in life with a mom too old to really take care of her.  Like most tough little girls, she probably shouldn't have made it, but her momma loved her very much and her shepherd did everything she could to help and against all odds, here she is...six (!) years later.  

I doubt there has ever been a sweeter momma and baby.  "Granny" (later named Mrs. Pepperpot when she moved here) might not have been able to feed her own lamb, but she watched every bottle given to her.  Every time we gave her baby medicine, she watched.  Mean shots...she was right there.  Naptime was where she shined.

I loved both the darling lamb and her kind old mom and when I ready to get a buddy for Biscuit, I picked them.  I knew Pepperpot wouldn't care about Biscuit hanging around and I also knew that compromised little lamb would be less stressed moving over here if her mom was with her.  They both needed a soft spot to land and they became one of my favorite chapters in the Punkin's Patch story.

This is how they always slept.  I have a feeling they might still sleep together if Mrs. P was still here.  The day I had to make that hard call was heartbreaking.  I'm so glad I was able to save enough of her wool to make their mother/daughter sweater.

Something I always marveled at was how pretty Mrs. Pepperpot got after she moved here.  She was definitely not a pretty ewe in those early pictures...and I always chose the prettiest pictures to post.  I wish she'd have had more years here, but the time she spent I know she enjoyed.

By the way, that's Biscuit looking on from the background.  He was never really a snuggler, but he always stayed close.  He and Muffin are still almost always side by side. 

Remember, if you want to read more stories about any of the featured sheep, just follow their link in the tags at the bottom of the post or their label on the right hand side of the blog.


Shelley said...

Hard to tell exactly who was the favorite sheep of the week!! Can there be posthumous sheep of the week"

How I cried over those two when Mrs. Pepperpot died.

kridge622 said...

I love reading all the stories of how the sheep came to be with you! What a sweet momma Mrs. Pepperpot was. Love the video of Muffin resting against her, napping. I’ve been struggling with the aftermath of the ice storm (Austin) and the devastation of our beautiful old oaks in the neighborhood. Your stories lift the heaviness for a bit. Thank you 🥰

thecrazysheeplady said...

I agree. I feel sort of like Muffin lost some of her spotlight...but how could you tell her story without bringing in her beloved mom...but also you are not just your past... Maybe I need to do a post script. I actually got some funny pictures of the boys fighting in front of her and Ellie the other day.

I've also thought about the posthumous posts. They definitely deserve some spotlight too, but it's so hard to go back and look at those old pictures. This post about pushed me over the edge. The past IS part of the future...

thecrazysheeplady said...

Beloved old trees :'-(. I'm glad so sweetness helps. I'll go give Muffin an extra hug for you :-).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your posts. I too have been struggling with the loss of my beloved dog, Joy who passed a year ago. Loss of a best friend is so very difficult whether it be trees, sheep, dogs, cats or humans... Sara, your farm is a soft landing for all of us. It brightens our days more than you'll ever know. K.Littrell

Cheryl West said...

What a lovely remembrance. It's always interesting to learn of the friendships in the flock.

Mrs. P did age gracefully and look so pretty after joining your family.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Loss of any good friends is so hard. {{{hug}}}

Far Side of Fifty said...

Such a sweet video of Muuufin and Mrs Pepperpot:)


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