Wednesday, February 1, 2023


The first month end photo compilation of 2023 is done, right on time.  Having to put five together to catch up at the end of the year will definitely scare you straight!  

January was a....a...month. Definitely some highs and lows. So many highs and lows that by the end of the 365th day of the month I'd forgotten some of the earlier ones.  That horrible storm in the middle of the night and then torrential rains for the whole day after that...forgotten.  The late evening walk out to the back field with the sheep as the moon rose...forgotten.

I sort of didn't care that I'd forgotten that bad storm and flooding rains.  I'm glad to remember the evening walk though.  To remember that weird feeling of...relief?...that that long day was over.  The whole month has felt a bit like that.

This was a "live" walk out back that night.  It's a fine memory.

January was frequently "damp" and almost always muddy. I lost a good friend, Archie lost a couple of his nine lives, I ripped out an entire months work of knitting and the sheep lost their ever loving minds a couple of times. Those memories are all here - in the pictures that many would say are just sharing the sweetness and light and not the real life.  

You have to pay attention to see it.  But it's also good to pay attention to see the moon rise at the end of a long day, the way it feels to stroke the hair on Jared's head as you both watch the sun rise and know your friend isn't suffering anymore, to be happy your injured cat is able to find comfort sleeping on his favorite person. 

How it feels to ride your horse on a semi dry afternoon, the cozy fire while you (re)knit and watch Archie contemplate cashing in another life, the golden girls out grazing in the yard, Bea sleeping on the couch and an old sheep still working it for some cookies.

I treasure these compilations.



AdrieneJ said...

You know, I always breeze past those little "compilations" that my photo apps put together for me but seeing this made me realize that maybe they're worthwhile looking at. After all, it's my life I'm photographing. Maybe I should sit back and look at it sometimes.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Yes! Go watch them :-). iPhone does a really good job just on it's own, but you can also point them where you want to go by sticking a group of pictures into an album and then playing the "memory" from the album.

Shirley said...

Oh so beautiful...

Terry and Linda said...

Even though January is my birth month, I am always, always, always glad for it to end. Now to just get through February!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh so sweet that Archie found comfort on St Tims chest...awesome:)


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