Monday, January 30, 2023

Our Run In Shed Got A Run In Shed

...and of course another a couple more Maisie stories ;-).

The original side shed, now referred to as "the outside stall" was added to the barn in 2009.  I can't remember when we added the shade cloth to the door openings, probably that first summer, but we used them for several years and they did help cut the hot afternoon sun some and slowed a bit of the rain and weather.  

The shade cloths at first just hung down and blew in the breeze.  It was nice to have the breeze, but then there was less shade, so next we anchored the tarps out like an awning so we could have shade and breeze.  I can't remember how long we did that, but at some point we switched the shade cloth to heavy canvas and built a slightly more substantial awning.

Now for the Maisie stories...and, no, she didn't beat anyone up this time.  

"I really didn't mean nothin' by it, I swear!"

We knew the building crew was going to be here within a day or two depending on weather.  When I saw the forecast for cold and blowing snow, I figured it would be day two.  I was completely surprised to see the trucks rolling in before dawn on day one.  

Luckily I was already up at the Wool House that morning and was able to hurry over to turn on all the barn lights and reassure the sheep that everything was okay and that aliens hadn't landed or the police weren't raiding the place looking for naughty sheep.  

I could hear Maisie calling me before I even got out the door.  "Momma!  Mommmma!"  Interestingly, Baba also called out for me.  Baba does talk some, but usually regarding wanting food or to have a gate she can go get more food.  Baba may not be quite as independent as she would like everyone to believe.

Okay, let's look again at the picture above.  If you notice Baba and Short Round are bee lining it out to the yard to graze once the builders left and I opened their gate.  Maisie came out of the barn, hung a left and headed straight for the side field.

They all eventually followed her, but mostly only to eat grass.  Maisie, however, was more interested in inspecting the demolition of the old shed...

...and thoroughly inspecting the construction of the new shed.

I really would love to know what she's thinking...most of the time.

The various tarps were very helpful for many years and I'm proud my idea for providing some extra shade held up for so long, but I'm thrilled with the new permanent shed.  I'm also happy the steel roof was salvaged from a home repair back in the fall. If they ever dry out, the old canvas tarps will get folded up and set aside for reuse as well.

Taken back in the late summer of 2020, this remains one of my favorite pictures.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Maisie is in charge obviously you did not run the construction plan by her first! :)

Shirley said...

That's a very substantial looking upgrade! I'm sure it's Maisie approved as she didn't bite it ;0)

Terry and Linda said...

Its one of my favorites also. I love your farm, the sheeps and you

bobbieliz said...

I always enjoy all the Bea Lining of photos Bea does.

Michelle said...

I like the upgrade and nice to see Maisie is in charge.

Deb said...

You probably don't want to know what Maisie is really thinking! She's up to no good.


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