Friday, May 14, 2021

The Parable Of The Leaky [Bag]

I've already had some happy surprises in the B Garden this spring.  Some seeds apparently needed to go through a cold winter to be ready to grow and bloom this year. These orange wallflowers are new and have been blooming their hearts out and I have blue flax making a show as well.  That gorgeous red clover is back already, too.  

I'd been collecting bags of new seeds to sow this spring and I finally got them scattered last night.  I've hopefully added even more colors, more sizes and shapes, more varieties.  Some are annuals, some are perennials, some are self seeding.  I can't wait to see what shows up next!  

I brought in (fingers crossed) two new varieties of milkweed for the garden and had a bag full of common milk weed seed pods I'd collected and saved from last year that I wanted to scatter along the wet weather creek running through the front field.  More milkweed in more locations.

As I walked along the creek bank crumbling up the seed pods in the bag to make them easier to scatter, I knew that some were just breaking apart with the seeds falling loose to the bottom of the bag.  I wasn't worried.  When I got to the end of the downy bits I'd go back over everything with the pile of loose seeds.  

When I got to the end of the downy bits though, the bag was empty.  There had been a hole in the bottom and now seeds were scattered all along where I'd walked.  This was not exactly where I'd wanted them, but maybe closer to where they'd feel more comfortable, up a little higher and away from the water if we got a big rain.

I like "accidents" like that and it reminded me of one of my favorite stories about the leaky bucket who thinks it's too damaged to be useful, but actually is dribbling water all along the trail helping the flowers grow and bloom.  I think a lot of us need to be reminded that we are leaky buckets.  Now I just need to remember that we need to mow one pass further away from the creek.

Here's a new puzzle :-).

* * * * *

Don't forget about the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival and Bluegrass Classic Stock Dog Trial this weekend.  The Evening with the Sheep is looking to be fun as well.  Come on out!


karen said...

my sister has a butterfly sanctuary in her yard and has various milk weed plants, it's amazing at how many butterflies she sees!!

Linda said...

You always see the bright side of these 'accidents'. It is a great quality and makes reading your blog a pleasure ❤️

Delrene said...

Happy accidents. Your flowers look so pretty it will be fun to see where the seeds sprout. We have milkweed here in Ca in our yard and love the butterflies. Miss Ky. already

Cheryl West said...

I hope you will have many accidental surprises. I look forward to seeing what comes up to give you more flowers for the three BBB's

Far Side of Fifty said...

I have scattered milkweed seeds and only about 10% grows so don't can scatter more next year! :)


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