Sunday, May 9, 2021

Good Momma's Day

Maggie started losing interest in the bottle yesterday and this morning didn't want it at all. Best Mother's Day present ever :-).  

Of course we'll still keep a close eye on her and Christopher, but I think we might be over the hump.  Krista's had a rough week with some udder issues, but through it all she's been very patient and caring.  A good momma.

Sadly, all efforts to change names have failed and Short Round is...short and round and getting rounder by the day.  Saint Tim says pretty soon height won't be in play at all and she's just going to be round.

And she's a good momma, too :-).

New puzzle!


Auntie Reg said...

What a wonderful Mothers Day gift. Ellie is a very clever little girl.
Let the lambie races begin.

Camp said...

such good news on a special day!

Shirley said...

That video is hilarious! Glad Maggie is doing so well :0)

Terry and Linda said...

Yay! Run babies Run


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