Monday, May 10, 2021

Possum's Wool Beds

I took this picture yesterday. I really needed to get some fleeces skirted, especially if I'm hoping to find them good homes this Saturday.  It was raining and cold and Possum looked so cozy tucked in on the skirting table that I couldn't bring myself to disturb her.  

As I was starting to type this blogpost this morning, I noticed that she'd moved from her normal morning spot on the washroom floor to a cozy little cubby spot under the table.  That's a felted wool laptop carrying bag.  The girl loves her wool :-).

I WILL have some Possum beds fleeces skirted and for sale at the Evening with the Sheep on Saturday.  I'll try to negotiate a good price for you, but she may drive a hard bargain ;-).  I'll also post them on the website starting next week.



Shirley said...

Do Not Disturb!

Cheryl West said...

Isn't she perfect for a sheep farm?

Far Side of Fifty said...

She is so cute guarding the fleece for you!


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