Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Virtual Tonight, But...

 ...weather permitting so we can all stay outside and socially distanced, I think we could try an in person Wool House Crafters night starting next Tuesday evening.  

Bring your own snack bag and beverage so we aren't sharing serving spoons.  Please bring a mask with you in case anyone feels anxious.  I think we have enough chairs to spread around, but if you wanted to toss one in your car, that's never a bad idea.

If everything goes well, the new schedule will be in person on the second Tuesday of each month (as in the olden times) and virtual meetings on all the other Tuesday evenings (as in the recent times).  I find the Zoom meetings almost as fun as the in person and I love being able to spin with fiber friends all over the country :-).

For the last two Tuesdays I've been spinning B. Willard.  Two weeks ago I didn't have time to do any fiber prep so just grabbed loose locks and spun an "art" single.  Last week I spun some smoothly carded roving and...miracles never cease...I plied them together on a 'not Tuesday' and really liked the finished yarn.  I'll be spinning more of that tonight!

What would you like to work on?


Sheepmom said...

That is some pretty yarn! I'm glad you can do in-person Crafters again but since I'm too far away I'm even more glad you're going to keep Zooming!

karen said...

very pretty spinning!


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