Thursday, November 12, 2009

Seriously, Sheep.

Hank is not going to eat you. He's never tried to eat you. You've been living with him for several months now. Has he tried once to eat you? I didn't think so. Why can't you just let. it. go?

This is the first time in almost a week I have seen the sheep come out to graze without me yelling at them and making them leave the barn. They hate Hank. Sweet Hank who wants nothing more than to be their friend. Good boy Hank who will leave the two sheep that do like him to split the difference between the two groups and try to watch both.

I moved them into the side lot for the open house and also because it was time to rotate into there anyway. They have been holed up in the barn ever since (leading people to have to ask where the sheep were Saturday), hiding from "Hank the Horrible". I have been playing tough love with them, thinking eventually they'd give up and get hungry enough to go eat and graze by themselves.

They had to wait until they knew the monster was asleep.

At least he has his boys. (Doesn't that head tilt just melt your heart?)

Eli, on the other hand, wishes someone would think he's a monster.

But he's too cute, too.

Those nice boys are doomed ;-).


Denise said...

Oh those silly sheep....I could imagine my tiny flock of 3 having a hissy fit over a guardian animal. It is cute to see my icelandic wether standing at the hay bales with the llama girls munching away at hay. Good news is that they have several guardian llamas but not in the same sense as Keebs and Graham with Hank. No doubt the llama girls would give chase to a predator...but that is not the same as true bonding between a dog and his charges. Hank is a good boy!

DayPhoto said...

Who lambs (?) are just the most darling things! I'm glad they are good to Hank. Shesh! The rest of the the flock is just plain silly.


Pam said...

Keebler, I've said it before and I'll say it again. You are one photogenic goofball.

Alice said...

The boys and Hank seemed to really be comfortable with each other and with guests. Hank is gorgeous in person and so very kind and dependable looking. I dont think that any other dog would make those sheep more comfortable. Their safety is what really matters. Who ever said that sheep were rational thinkers anyway ? ;-)

Jenny Glen said...

It's funny, it didn't take too long for our sheep to get used to Kit and to come running to stand behind her whenever she barked - they would also follow her from pasture to pasture, but they don't seem to take Togo as seriously. It's as if they know he is just a young punk and they don't listen to him.

Lindsay said...

Give Hank a kiss from me - those shep don,t know how lucky they are!

Christine said...

I have the opposite problem. My sheep now think they're dogs. Dancing on top of the dog house and the whole bit. I swear I heard them out there last night trying to learn how to bark.

Tammy said...

One thing I've can't outwait a sheep.. I've gotten so mad at them before. Along the lines..FINE then, if you are going to be idiots you can just STAY out here in the pasture. Then guess who is jumping through hoops trying to get them in at dark? Not them that is for sure. Something has 'spooked' them off and on all summer and they haven't wanted to come into the alley way to the night paddock. Very frustrating, lots of ugly thoughts. ha.
Enjoyed your post.

tonya fedders said...

It took a while for our adult ewes to warm up to Roscoe - and even still, they aren't buddies. The rams however, and all the lambs just love him and he has found his acceptance with those groups. (it's fun to look out there and see him goofing off with the adult rams.. more so, that they goof off- right back at him!)

I have noticed that even though the oldest girls don't consider him a buddy, they do look up and take notice when he barks - so at least they know he's there to protect their wooly backs!

Maybe as you add more lambs in the upcoming years, Hanks fan club will continue to grow! :)

Ed said...

Maybe they are just sheep snobs..LOL!!! Hank and Eli rule!!


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