Monday, November 23, 2009

A Bright Spot

Actually, one of many in an otherwise gloomy sort of day.

This cute new addition to the farm is an asian pear tree - a gift for Saint Tim from some good friends.

Boo loved to walk around the orchard. His morning constitutional. He frequently awoke before me and I enjoyed spying on him from my cozy bed. I miss that. We knew when he passed that we would bury him in his orchard.

I always plant something over their graves. Punkin is covered by asparagus, Sunshine has a sweet shrub, Sam has a dogwood... I wanted an asian pear for Boo.

Spring flew by in a blur though and I didn't get it done. Fall approached and I again was too disorganized. This birthday pear was a perfect gift. Exactly what Saint Tim wanted and exactly what we needed.

I like when things work out like that.

Thank you.


Alice said...

What a touching memorial to Boo. May it give shade and sweet fruit to his farm family.

Deb said...

A lovely gift and the perfect resting place and marker for your beloved friend.
All animals should be so loved!

DayPhoto said...

I have tears in my eyes for this sweet memorial for a mighty dog! Wonderful, Dear Sheep Lady! I'm sure he sends you a wet kiss from heaven!


Kathy said...

I am so very sorry to read of Boo's passing. I hope that, with time, the hurt of Boo's loss will be replaced by memories of all the good times you all had together.
Please give Comby an extra hug, too. They had a very special bond and I'm sure Comby feels an empty space now.


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