Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Sunday Stills Do Over

I wanted some pictures of Brushy and Gato as I have a funny story to tell about them. I ended up with Handy and Comby.

Can I have a "do over" for my Sunday Stills last week?

Before you go thinking I'm some sort of photographic genius (because I knew that was what you were thinking ;-), it was purely an accident. I was out in bright light trying to take some smarty pants pictures to make fun of Handy's zebra stripes and he was in a dark stall.

Handy always gets the last laugh.

And for everyone who's been staying up at night worrying about Comby's comfort with the cold, rainy weather moving in...the lovely plastic is back up.


Alice said...

Handy is handsome even with the faux zebra sripes! Good capture.

tonya fedders said...

My cat wants directions to your house - rather, porch. Should she bring her own chair? I'm going to have to keep her off the computer- she doesn't think she's got it so good anymore!

Ed said...

Very nice, Comby looks too comfortable in that chair..:-)
Cool stripes too, good eye..

flowerweaver said...

Love that fist photo of the boy! Handy's so handsome. That Comby!

Forgot to tell you the punchline to my Tractor Supply story...right when I was giving them an earful Mr. Blue crowed really loud, just like in our conversation. I love it when I can remove all doubt about being a farmer! LOL.

Peacecat said...

I really was (am) thinking you're a genius! What a beautiful photo.

DayPhoto said...

Here is Shaun the Sheep on You Tube. I could see you doing a cartoon about your sheep!


CTG Ponies said...

I love the light in the first picture!


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