Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wait A Minute...Those Are MY Sheep!

Even though we were only at the NAILE to look at sheep, we felt it would be rude to not at least take a peak at the vendor area. Don't ask us how we knew exactly which booth we wanted to find - the one with all the cute sheep stuff and Woolrich clothes ;-).

I grabbed a sheep turtleneck I just had to have, a sheep coat hook for the wool house and rounded the next set of shelves and was stopped dead in my tracks.

S: Hey, those are my sheep!

D: Yeah, they do look like sheep you would have.

S: No, seriously, those are my sheep. That's P.P. and Beverly.

A couple years ago an artist emailed to ask permission to paint from a couple pictures on my website. I don't really mind if someone wants to do something like that as long as they ask permission and are doing something creative like sketching, painting, rug hooking...or just need a peaceful screen saver for their computer at work. I don't mind spotting my sheep in a specialty shop, but sure don't want to see them at "the Wal-Marts" with a "made in China" tag on the back. You understand.

Bonnie Mohr was very kind and I was flattered she liked my sheep shots. She is a fabulous artist and of course offered to sell the original oil painting to us (which we would love to have, but haven't won the lotto yet ;-). I'm hoping she'll eventually offer it as a print. Go check her out!

So where did she find the picture of Popcorn PeePee Pants? From my very first blog post.

Guess what today is.

My 500th anniversary!

I didn't even know what a blog was when I started all this. I remember having to ask my IT person what one was, how you started one... Now, it's one of my favorite parts of the day. What a great chronicle of our life on (and sometimes off) the farm.

And while mostly it's just to record our memories, I realize (and am humbled) that it's often a bright spot in other people's days as well. And I am happy too that sometimes more than that, that our blog does good for folks that have never even heard of Equinox Farm, Boudreaux the Biter, Hank the Wonder Dog or Popcorn PeePee Pants.

Last year, when I heard about Holiday Mail for Heroes, I gladly added extra cards to my mail list and posted a link to spread the word. Somehow through the "magic" of computers, they picked that up and sent us a thank you. (See, politeness really counts ;-). This year they emailed to ask if I would do the same.


And, since this is an extra special post (500? Really?!?), let's make it even more fun. Follow this link for Holiday Mail for Heroes. Follow their directions - watch the deadline! Send at least 5 (up to 15) cards for soldiers and their families. Come back here and leave me a comment (like KatieB's) (on the honor system because I know no one would lie about doing something for our troops) and on December 1st (updated 12/4 to December 7th), I'll draw 5 names and send you a box of Equinox Farm (your choice) Christmas cards.

Even better, forward the HMFH info to anyone else who might help and they too can leave a comment here and join in for the drawing. Don't worry about lessening your chances of winning. If we end up making a huge sheep splash, Saint Tim says he'll donate more cards for prizes.

And hey...thanks :-).


Nickname unavailable said...

OK CSL-5 cards done and into an envelope to send off tomorrow! I hope you stir up bunches and bunches. Peace KatieB

DayPhoto said...

What lovely paintings of your sheep. I'll bet you can do just as well, and keep the painting!

And yes, oh yes, you are a bright spot in my day!


Bee Magic Chronicles for Kids said...

I love the painting. I hope you at least bought the card so you can frame it :) Then wait for the lotto to get the original ;)

Ed said...

Congrats on the 500!! You are deffinatly in my top 5 my favotite blogs..:-))

tonya said...

Beautiful card :) Maybe the painting is in print by now? If not, I know of a great printer.. lol :)

Lori Skoog said...

What an interesting story! Love the card....

Also liked your horse shots.

Becky Utecht said...

I have loved Bonnie Mohr's work for a long time now. What a beautiful job she did with your sheep! And that's so cool that you just stumbled upon it like that.

Anonymous said...

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