Monday, November 2, 2009

Boo-dreaux, The Rest Of The Story

Stella and I always get ourselves into these messes. We had been planning Boudreaux's Trick or Treat for weeks...or longer. The weather was not cooperating. It's Halloween afternoon; time was ticking. The rain had stopped, but the wind was still blowing. To top that, Saint Tim and I were hosting a neighborhood barn party (What sort of crazy person tries to host two parties in two weeks? Don't answer that!) that evening.

We were hurrying. And what we were wanting to do involved animals. Never a good combination, especially with sheep. We knew that and were trying to keep everyone calm, cool and collected.

Hank was a basket case. Growling, running around, scaring the sheep.

We decided to lock him in the small stall. The sheep settled down. Hank didn't. In fact, he got worse.

"What do you think he's so upset about?"

"I don't know, maybe because he can't see his sheep...and he doesn't understand why we are putting a complete table setting on one of them." (Saint Tim never fails to point out the obvious.)

Out of the corner of my eye I finally see them. Two furry, four legged trick or treaters running through the back of the farm. Neighbor dogs (luckily not the mean dog that Iris chased away). How stupid could we be.


Just as Iris and I ran after the dog the previous day (she's faster, but I may be louder), Hank and I ran out towards the pond. He knew he was supposed to do something, but wasn't exactly sure what (for a few seconds, I was faster and louder). About half way out there, he figured it out and those dogs took off. Perfect training moment. After a near miss.

Poor Hank...succeeding in spite of us.

On duty yesterday evening. Hank likes to sit on his "hill" and I love to see him there.

The moon was glorious.

The Hunter's Moon.


Alice said...

Poor Hank! I'll bet he is glad that the party is over. He looks at peace, now that the commotion is over. BTW I am amazed at the huge bird nests in the tree in first picture. Good capture!

DayPhoto said...

What a good dog. He was on guard, YOU just had to understand. Then there you all were, running and barking like crazy! Great visual!


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Poor Hank, he wanted to do his security duties.

I really like the 2nd photo.

Barbara's Spot on the Blog said...

The moon photo is really nice. Glad to see Hank is learning his role.

Christine said...

Poor Hank. I can just imagine him saying "People, focus will you. Just focus!" LOL

Jenny Glen said...

Hank saved the day! (or tried to) Isn't it funny how guardian dogs like to find the highest spot to observe all?

Shelley said...

Good for Hank! What a good guard doggy! The moon photos are beautiful! I can never get a good shot of it, but I don't have a good camera either... Guess I better quit complainin' and save my money!

Lindsay said...

Love the photo of Hank at top of hill.

Anonymous said...

Good for Hank! BoDog has ran off more than his share of wild dogs, coyotes, and other chicken-goat loving varmits around here.

I love the picture of Hank on the hill.
and the moon was beautiful here last night too. My husband and I just stood and looked at it. Bright as a flash light in our eyes too!
But beautiful!!

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your pictures of the moon. : )
We had a lovely full moon as well.



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