Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sheep, Sheep And More Sheep

Dianne and I made a run for it took (part of) a day off yesterday to go to the North American International Livestock Exhibition in Louisville, Kentucky. You would think after a morning of feeding, cleaning up after, arguing with, doctoring on, calling people about...sheep, the last thing we'd want to do was go look at more...sheep. Is there a cure for this craziness?

I apologize - this post is picture heavy, but you don't go to the North American and see a few sheep. You see a LOT of sheep.

There were sheep getting spiffed up for the show ring.

I love this picture. Click to biggify and zoom in on the eye and the quick moving shears. And the lady with her hand up. I don't have any sheep who'd listen to that, but I don't believe this was this sheep's "first county fair" (or national exposition ;-).

There were tired sheep.

And really tired sheep.

Sheep with their own stock dogs.

Sheep working hard on PR (or looking for a handout).

Sheep who liked having their picture taken.

Sheep with big horns (and pretty fleeces).

And sheep with even bigger horns.

Sheep with hangy down ears (I really want a Tunis. Really. Santa? You out there? ;-).

Sheep with sticky out ears (and really cute faces).

And sheep with pointy up ears.

Sheep painted gray? What's up with that? Maybe someone out there who shows could explain?

There were pen after pen full of beautiful sheep. Not as many breeds represented as I'd hoped (and traditionally seen) though and the fleece show was very, very light. :-/ The fleece show several years ago was how I got interested in Cotswolds. I saw several fleeces there and knew that's what I wanted, searched online and found a breeder I liked...

Regardless, it was a great trip. There was also a surprise waiting for me in the vendor area and another near the show ring.



Garrett808 said...

OH what a TEASE!

Someday I'll get to NAILE. Considering I'm at the expo center two weeks before this for our National Young Bird Show (for my pigeons) I don't know if I could stomach another 16 hour drive back :)

Lindsay said...

I would love a few alpacas - but have no land!

Ed said...

LOL! Sorry, but it kinka looked like a sheep Klan ralley with all the white hoods and robes..:-))
Now I know why you are the Crazy Sheep Lady....

Jenny Glen said...

Iris does NOT want a Tunis. They are very bad at listening to sheepdogs and she has enough trouble with the Jacobs.

Christine said...

So, um, does anyone else think that 8th photo looks like a character from Star Wars or is it just me? My second thought was right on with Ed's.

I wanna sheep with hangy-down ears. How cute! If you get one I'm totally moving in. Totally.

kristi said...

Thank you for the tour! While those horns are beautiful to look at, I prefer the polled sheep. So glad someone else thought a sheep klan too....just cracks me up:)

Debbi (and Bob) Brown said...

Great photos! I wish I could have gone to NAILE too. At least I did get to watch the Tunis show on webcam yesterday.

And I agree, the Tunis are the neatest... I can help Santa out if you want one. I have a flock of the cuties and am hoping for a bunch of little red lambs in the spring.

Deb W said...

What, no SHETLANDS!?!

(Personally, my 'dream farm' would have Shetlands AND Corriedales - not the huge meat-type Corries they show now, but the wonderfully fleeced ones from Whitefish Bay Farm...)

DayPhoto said...

This was fun! I'm going to show my stupidity and ask why the hoods on some of the sheep?


cyndy said...

Yes! And MORE sheep plez?

Great photos...NICE HORNS!...and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Santa brings you the Tunis :-)

...with the most lovely shade of reddish brown fleece...

L'Hélène said...

Picture na7 : Wow, how can he see in front of him??

Picture na8 : My favorite! I love how the floof puffs out between the bars!


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