Thursday, November 5, 2009

House Cleaning...Or Scratching

Comby. Seriously. That's not actually helping. Even though it is color coordinated.

There are still a few flowers blooming around the wool house.

And the roving boxes will be full (and the carpet vacuumed ;-).

The felted sheep are getting ready.

And the un-felted sheep are out back catching up on the mowing.

Everyone is pitching in, including the weather. Hope you can join us this Saturday!


Alice said...

I can't wait to see Keebler and Graham and the rest of your farm family on Saturday! I am glad to see that Comby is helping. At least he is out of the green house.

DayPhoto said...

What a cute kittie! He know just what to do in a very busy house!

Everything looks like fun...I wish I could be there!


KC said...

I wish I could join you. Your blog makes me want to leave the desert for greener pastures:)

Anonymous said...

Man, I could use a trip out of town! But Kentucky is a bit far, and I am heading out soon; closer physically, but farther away emotionally in two weeks.

I hope Hank got the message about chickens. They are so goremy and fun to chase, catch and eat, but they are a career ender.

I do hope you have a wonderful open house. I am glad everyone is pitching in. I wish I could be there.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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