Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fall Fiber Art

First some festive foliage from two days ago. We sure have enjoyed some great color this fall.

The same bush this morning. Is this web functional or is there an artist spider out there enjoying the beautiful fall as well?

This was definitely a dinner score.

And this tiny web? Yep, click to biggify.

Remember the tinsel? Still here and now decorated with some special spider garland. Just in time to remind us how close we are to the holidays.


I'd better get connected with some fall fiber art.


Deb said...

The colors of fall are stunning as shown by your beautiful photos :)
We are slightly ahead of you as far as winter and our foliage has turned to brown. Looking forward to red berries mixed with beautiful evergreen to spruce things up :)

Alice said...

Without my glasses on the first photo looks like a menagerie of colored fiber. What a beautiful picture Mother nature has painted for you to capture!

I need orange said...

My cameras are much more likely to focus on the background than on something as insubstantial as a spider web.

You did a great job capturing these!

L'Hélène said...


We had great foliage too in Montreal, Qc.

DayPhoto said...

Your fall colors are stunning! I loved seeing them as we look daily at frost and the color brown.

Winter is here for us. And I have decieded that I am going to appreciate it for what it is and TRY not to complain.


Michelle said...

It sure changed a lot around here while we were gone; most of the leaves are on the ground now. I actually spun on my spindle a bit this morning, using the mixed-breed wool I have (I'm saving Petunia's luscious lambswool for my wheel, so I can spin it fine!)


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