Friday, October 30, 2009

Nutbush City Limits

Sweet little Iris. Soft, kind eyes. Happy smile. Friend to everyone...

Well, maybe not everyone.

"Yeah, I chased away the really big, mean dog from up the road." (She did.)

"He ran away with his tail between his legs!" (He did.)

"He had a big head start and I ran so fast that thecrazysheeplady thought I might catch him." (She almost did.)

"And he is twice my size, but it didn't matter because I screamed at him the whole time I chased him." (She did.)

"And he didn't even look back." (He didn't.)

"And I love posing for a victory picture." (She does.)

"What was that?!?" (Always on alert.)

"Oh, nothing." (Does this picture make you want to yawn?)

(How about this one?)

(This is not the police. Even though she thinks she's providing great "back up". She doesn't even get to keep a bullet in her pocket. Ever. But she's cute.)

Iris does a great job monitoring the farm. She watches the front. Hank watches the back. At night. He slept through the whole chase scene. Sirens and all.

You better watch out for the police!


Christine said...

Ha, I did yawn! She's beautiful.

lisa said...

Good for Iris!! She is a cutie!

Alice said...

Great Iris story. She has such an endearing face. I do hope that you gave her some special treats for barking and running above and beyond the call of duty.

Alice said...
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Ed said...

great post, nutbush city limits? is this a Tina Turner reference?? ;-)

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Iris honey, great job pulling security.

Nancy K. said...

Iris is so beautiful! And, yes ~ I did yawn.


DayPhoto said...

Great story! Love you Iris! You know what to do and Hank knows about the back! Now that is a good set of protection!


Anonymous said...

Nutbush City Limits - Bob Seager 'it's so quiet you can hear the corn grow.' Not with Iris and Hank on duty! Good for Iris. I always feel better after I know I have done a good job too.



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