Friday, October 23, 2009

The Birds

The sound on this video does not even begin to do justice to the incredible noise outside. They are everywhere!

I'm not sure if I'm living in a primitive folk art painting or a Hitchcock film this morning.

Weaslie's pretty sure it's the film. Click to biggify. Is that not a sad, worried little Corgi face?


DayPhoto said...

I hate it when the flock like that. Mostly starlings in our area. Makes Terry so mad he goes out and set off a air gun (a loud propane gun that makes a gun shoot sound). No one is hurt, but it keeps the deer and others out of a field we are trying to protect.


Anonymous said...

The photo is beautiful with the green grass, fence and the colorful leaves.
We have birds passing through in flocks here also.
Weaslie is a cutie!

Have a great weekend.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Do I know Weaslie? You have a Corgi? I didn't know that. I love folkart like the top of your blog, I think you said you painted it.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Miss Tilly and Weaslie are the same dog (and she has several other nicknames as well). If you click on her name(s) in the labels, you can read all about her. Corgi's - there's a reason they are so cute ;-).

Anonymous said...

We have crows who have family reunions in the fall here. They have very large extended families and the sky can get great clouds of them, and boy are they noisy!

They seem to jell out and go back home fairly soon.

Weasley is sooooo cute.


Alice said...

Your photo does look like it's from an Alfred Hitchcock movie, especially on a day such as today. I wonder what you had in your yard that looked so tasty. they are very clever birds and are known to unzipper backpacks, unsnap stachels, and tear open packages. Maybe they are after Saint Tim's fish!
Good capture for the Halloween season.

Christine said...

They've been around here, too. Almost creepy. I think it's hilarious that they will all be squawking like crazy then suddenly they all shut up. Like a teacher walking in the room at a high school.

Kathy said...

Yup. we've got 'em too - noisy birds congregating and yarding up for the way south (I hope). I swear I saw one with a clipboard and whistle fly by trying to yell above the din.

Barbara's Spot on the Blog said...

Are they flocking together in preparation to fly south I wonder or just doing the strenth in numbers routine I wonder?

Denise said...

Oh my what a sweet face Ms Weasley has....I missed out on a liter of pups sired by my sisters stud dog..Taz. I've been hankering for a new hound to liven things up. I miss our Molly dog. There were 5 tri colored females and I was sooo tempted. Should have another chance maybe next spring when it is easier for house training.

flowerweaver said...

These look like Grackles to me making their way down to Texas where they winter in our cities. Be happy they are only passing through.

The grocery store in Uvalde plays a looping recording of screeching birds of prey to keep them away. That's kind of unexpected and frightening to hear. In college, we used our umbrellas to walk between classes just to keep the bird poop off.


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