Friday, October 16, 2009

A New Sheep In The Wool House

While I realize that could easily mean a real live sheep around here, don't worry, the carpet is safe.

I have been wanting a more portable wheel and the Schacht Ladybug has been catching my eye. I tend to research stuff pretty heavily online and was pretty convinced that's what I wanted. Everyone seems to love it, it's lightweight (even though it doesn't actually fold up), spins nicely, sturdy...and comes with a ladybug hidden somewhere. In my little kid mind, you just. can't. beat. that.

Until I sat down with both that wheel and my second choice, the Ashford Joy.

Honestly, I really liked both wheels. I don't think I could have gone wrong with either one. In the end though, the Joy edged the Ladybug ever so slightly. It felt more like "me" spinning with it. It does fold up. It has a handy handle on the top. A built in lazy kate.

No hidden ladybug :-(.

But look what I found up at the checkout counter! A Gita Maria threading hook. I fell in love with her neat things at Rhinebeck last year. Since we (sadly) decided to sit this one out mostly due to the tropical weather forecast for that part of the country, I treated myself - retail therapy - and hung it on the new wheel.

Even better than a bug!

Thanks, Nancy, for staying late to help me make up my mind. I love having The Woolery so close. I had planned to try both wheels in New York this weekend, but it actually worked much better to be able to sit down with both wheels side by side in a relaxed, unhurried...and un-snowy environment.

Everyone stay warm out east! And have lots of fun for me. Even in bad weather the New York Sheep and Wool Festival is a blast.


Michelle said...

Congratulations! I agree, a Gita Marie sheep hook is MUCH better than a hidden bug! I love her pins, but have resisted because I hardly ever wear pins so it would be a waste of money and beauty.

June said...

Congratulations on your purchase of a Joy wheel. I loved mine, but sold it a few years ago to pay a Dr. bill. I have recently considered a HitchHiker. I've not seen one locally, though. I'd like to try it before I buy it. Spin on!!

Dianne MacDonald said...

Good choice! I love my Joy and it travels great. Even if you don't fold it up, it will ride in the passenger seat with a seat belt around it.

melanie said...

Sitting it out??!? You mean to tell me that you were going to be that close?? I would have loved to find you at Rhinebeck for a hello! (Notice the shameless way I just plunk myself in someone else's wool adventure...)

Glad you're administering some retail therapy...I'm trying to gird my (loins and) pocketbook for tomorrow...

Alice said...

You have made the Ashford Joy even more joyful by adding the most special sheep hook to it's side. I hope it brings you much happiness wherever in the world you happen to spin with it.

thecrazysheeplady said...

I actually tried the Hitch Hiker while I was up there - super cute - but found it difficult to treadle and not as fun as it looked. Definitely try it out for yourself though as I may have just been Hitch Hiker challenged.

Peacecat said...

Congrats on the new wheel~
I have a Louet Victoria, cutie McCuterson travel wheel. I needs me a Gita Marie hook now. I have a pin. Which I never wear. Hmmmm....maybe I can fashion it into a hook!!

Let's plan on meeting up for Rhinebeck next year. I already have my hubby's vacation scheduled so HE can watch the kids. Hee hee hee!!!

John's Arts & Crafts said...

Very Creative! New blog on the Hx. of the Ladybug:

Deb W said...

I don't know if you will see this, since I am several days behind on your blog.

Where did you go to try wheels that there was a 'checkout!?" That sound like a proper shop, and the only wheel dealers I am familiar with around here have a more 'house and show' type of operation.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Hey Deb - the Woolery is now in Frankfort, right downtown. They have a bunch of wheels in stock :-D.

Deb W said...

Oh MY!! Be still my heart!! If I hadn't just depleted the purse on a 3-day trip to Ohio Amish country, (and the Wool Fest a week earlier....ahhhh!) I would be grabbing my car keys!! Next payday......I'm there!


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