Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry Cat-mas, Y'all!

We have four - count 'em - four barn cats. Three occasionally follow me out there to feed or if they think I might be getting into something that needs their supervision. I will give Clair Bear credit for spending most of the time up there keeping the mouse population well in hand (she must have drawn the short straw), but Brushy and Comby are the best porch "setters" we've ever seen. Eli has a secondary rooftop apartment, so at least part of the time isn't blatantly flaunting his lack of work ethic and taunting Saint Tim with his eat, sleep, fish, eat, sleep,

After years of fighting with them, we've just become resigned to tacking up the lovely plastic sheeting to block the weather for them every winter, plugging in their heated beds and this year built the de-luxe Boo house/cat condo (which I do have to admit looks better than the cardboard box of last year). We may have had just a bit much holiday party punch the other night though, because now we've added a Cat-mas tree to the little "village".

Complete with yarn balls, jingle bells, wiffle golf balls and some special treats.

I think the dead fern is an especially classy touch!

We have (had) a beautiful back porch and I've always said backdoor guests are always best, but now I hope folks just come to the front door.

This is one of my favorite porch pictures. Ah, the good ole' days with only one cat food bowl, flowers that haven't been trampled down...


Dana and Daisy said...

Well, of course the cats in the title drew me in, but how can you not fall in love with that little lambsy divey?

And I wonder what kind of loom you have. It looks the perfect size for my not so large studio. And how do you like how it operates?

Sharrie said...

My outside cats get to go in the "guest house"(not how it sounds)when it gets this cold. I second what Dana and Daisy said about the loom. I need a smaller one. What a perfect place to weave.

Sandra said...

Only four barn cats??? You must be living right! -smile- We've seven but only because riff raff moved in and two barn cats moved to the house...inside!
Did you know unicorns are the patron saints of wayward, foundling, lost and stray animals? There's one flying over Thistle Cove Farm at full mast!
Merry Christmas back at ya.

Tammy said...

Too funny....I can so relate. I spend hours and hours it seems fixing nice snuggly places for the cats (and dogs) to sleep and they wreck my plans in moments. Ariel, my old Collie girl (blue merle too!) sleeps in the house at night now, but spends the days outside still. She does pretty good, but usually ends up sleeping on a sheet instead of her cushy bed, because she gets warm. When the fire dies down late in the night, she will then sleep on her bed. Added problems now is she has a phobia about walking on the vinyl floor, (she sometimes falls), so I have sheets all over the floors at night.. The things we do! I love your kitty condo/Boo house and little tree. Makes me smile.


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