Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chicken Snow

This won't make a lick of sense unless you've seen the Sony commercial with Peyton Manning, Dale Jr., James Brown, the camera guy (his name is Ben? - how does Saint Tim know all these details?!?) and the San Diego Chicken.

I've seen this a hundred times and still laugh every time I hear "Chicken, no!" In fact, we've even named one (or all) of our chickens Chicken No. And Sheep No. And Tilly No. Comby No... (but we're sticking with D@##*t T-Bone ;-).

This morning only two Adventure Chickens were brave enough to venture out in the freshly fallen snow to make the run from the coop to the first horse stall. Of course, one of them was Chicken No (the white one).

The rest?

"What the heck is this stuff?" (Heads sticking out - click to biggify)

"I don't think so." (Butts sticking out...as they head back to bed)

I don't believe they liked the "chickens no" (chicken snow ;-).


DayPhoto said...

I'm a chicken about letting my chickens out in the snow and the below zero weather. Although, today we got up to 32 with another snow expected this evening.

So my chickens have to stay in thier house and thier run which is covered with plastic on three sides. The sides that get the weather.

They also get a light at night so thier water doesn't freeze.

Terry says the next thing will be me bringing them in to rest by the fireplace. :)

I might not go THAT far but.....


Dana and Daisy said...

the fun never stops at your farm does it?


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