Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sweet Christmas

It's always nice to have help getting ready for the holidays. This year I had maybe 60,000 helpers.

Thanks to John and Reg for the loan of a honey extractor, Stella and I were able to join in the fun of The Frog Pond Honey Factory and now have some really fun Christmas gifts to share.

Here is a partially filled frame of honey. The drought really slowed honey production this year.

First we scraped off the wax cappings.

Then set the frames in the extractor.

It spins like a centrifuge and then strains into a holding bucket.

Next we filled the jars and labeled them, and then with an added bow it's just like we've bottled summer sunshine, flowers, warm breezes and the buzz of busy bees.

I've saved a jar to gift to one of my wonderful blog friends. Leave a comment (Click on the tiny word "comments" at the bottom of the post and the comment screen will pop up. If you leave it via "anonymous", make sure you provide a name in the message box so we can identify you if you win!) and tell of something sweet you've done for someone this holiday season. I'll have Saint Tim pick a random number to choose a "winner".


Dana and Daisy said...

Do you need my address?


It looks wonderful! How a gift like that should light the fire of gratefulness in your recipients' hearts!

Sharrie said...

My son's vet's daughter got a flannel blanket that I quilted on my long arm quilting maching to take to Maine with her. They live in Fort Lauderdale. I will make mittens for her when I get her hand print which is in the mail. This vet was sooooo kind to me when I was in FL during my son's illness in September. She continues to be so kind to my son.

Jenny Glen said...

The sweetest thing I've done this season is not kill the cat who is slowly ripping all the paper off the wrapped presents under the tree.
I'm sure I deserve some honey for that!

Misfit in Paradise said...

The honey looks great. However, my good deeds will remain anonymous. I like it better that way. But if you are looking for a grateful recipient of your honey...

Anonymous said...

Aww! I love the fact that you've bottled sunshine and flowers!

I haven't commented here in awhile, but I love looking in to see how Wooliam is doing!

Merry Christmas!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

If we're talking "sweet things," then it is making my DH's favorite candy and cookies for the holidays instead of my own (there wasn't time to do both). At least I won't be tempted to eat as much!

Tammy said...

I like to make 'baskets' with cookie treats in them (Sugar Cookies are the favorites!) and take them to my neighbors. The best part is spending that half hour or so, just stopping in and visiting. I have come to love this time of reconnecting and seeing just a glimpse of my neighbors and friends in their 'native habitat'. Usually they all have things they want to show and its always fun. Take care and Merry Christmas. The honey looks so lovely.

Lady Katherine said...

I love this, love way you showed the honey! I want a jar! lol it was great! Thanks for showing the honey process!

gloriaf59 said...

We try to do things all year long, not just at Christmas. We pick up
a sweet old lady (94) and take her
to church each Sunday morning,
Sunday night and Wednesday night. It's not a big thing, nor a hard thing to do, but is very important to her. She doesn't go anywhere except to church.
I use honey in my homemade oatmeal would be mighty tasty with your little honeybees' honey.

Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful Christmas...spent with family. This year I baked and decorated a three dimensional old fashioned Santa cake for my grandchildren. They loved it. That was definitely a sweet treat and a labor of love.


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