Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Feature - What Woolliam Really Asked Santa For

"It's about time you added to the temporary grazing paddock!"

"Hey - hurry up down there!"

"I get to go out first!"

"No, I do!"

"Me, Me, Me!"

I not only sort of forgot about the Friday Feature (until I was reminded this morning), but I also sort of "forgotted" about asking Santa for a better video camera.

Maybe Santa reads my blog...


Lady Katherine said...

Oh, what memories you have given me this Christmas! Thank you, I love watching your sheep! I miss ours so much, since we are back on the farm! I hope to get a few back. Just got to find them. I had 100 sheep and angora goats. Now just a boer goat and gaurd dog and chickens. Thanks for the video, it was great and love the opening!

Nancy K. said...

Your blog makes me HATE that I have dial up! I don't even attempt to download the videos because it takes about a half-hour for a 90 second video to load... :-(

I feel like I'm missing out on all the fun!!

Kathleen said...

Thanks for posting the videos! They're fun!

DayPhoto said...

What fun! You know your sheep well!



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