Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Winner

Congratulations, Michelle! Drop me an email and we'll start working on the Boulderneigh family :-).

This will be a fun challenge!


Nancy K. said...

(I mean: Congratulations Michelle!)


janna e said...

Oh fun! I follow the Boulderneigh blog too so can't wait to see all the critters as a work of art. One of you better post the finished work!

Dreaming said...

:( Ya mean... I didn't win?! I'm not a winner? Ach... my whole day is ruined!
But... that's OK. I'l get over it. I'm already over it!!
Congrats to Michelle. Lucky lady!!!

Alice said...

Hooray !!!.........for Boulderneigh :-D

Michelle said...


(Already scrimping because this prize most definitely has to be custom-framed! Off to fan myself and massage my cramping, grinning cheeks.)


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