Saturday, February 18, 2012

Peaceful Kingdom

Feeding this morning. Finding Five to take some pictures. Not hard to do ;-).

Handy does not engage in Sheep Bowling, so is not considered Enemy #1.

The sheep LOVE to go out in the front field, so even though it's probably not the smartest thing to run sheep, horses and a guardian dog who doesn't want the two to mix (mostly if it's Hickory ;-) together, I cave on a regular basis.

Who's this Fatty McButter Pants?

The chickens mingle with everyone and Hank guards them along with his sheep. This looks like a sheep/chicken intersection. The sheep must have the red light.

Okay, so not always a peaceful kingdom. And Graham is usually the center of most un-peace. Here he's trying to steal Hank's breakfast. Again.

How he developed a taste for dog food I don't know. He'll hide in the shadows at night, waiting for me to sneak Hank's food to him. Just as I set his bowl down he steps out and I swear he says, in a creepy voice, "Good eeeve-ning."

Or, even worse, we think he's learned to throw his voice so that as soon as Hank starts eating, he "hears" coyotes off in the distance. Hank leaves his food to go protect his sheep (that would be including Graham) and Graham runs over and starts gobbling. If I were Hank I think I'd drag GL out back and do some voice throwing of my own!

Just kidding, Grammy. Sort of ;-).


Alice said...

Looks like a well behaved family dinner to me ;-) The chickens seem well aware of the pecking order.
Who is nearest the trailer with the body way above the heads of the Jacobs. Would that be Sherman?

Christine said...

LOL, there's one in every crowd isn't there?

Sheepmom said...

What a happy group. (Except Hank. And Graham)

Your odd bee is a hover fly. Go here and scroll down 1/2 to 2/3 of the way. Gotta love those mimics!

Nancy K. said...

It sounds like you need a "creep feeder" gate to let Hank at his food but keep Graham OUT.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Sheep Bowling really DO have a Peaceable Kingdom!

Have a lovely Sunday!

The Goat Borrower

Jody said...


Peruby said...

Sheep bowling. Sorry, that made me smile but I suppose it could be dangerous.

Poor Hank.

Terry and Linda said...

DOG FOOD! What a hoot!



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