Monday, February 13, 2012

Everybody Was Kung-Fu [Face] Fighting

It's not that Handy and Hickory don't like each other. It's just that, well, they're not BFFs like Handy and T-Bone. Handy stays to himself. Hickory is a pocket pony. I think Handy likes me, but I wouldn't swear that he really likes anyone...except T-Bone. Hickory loves anyone who'll feed him or he thinks might have a cookie in their pocket ;-).

Saturday morning I woke to hear Handy and Hickory ripping around the front yard, making laps around the house. I threw on some sweats, grabbed my hat and gloves and headed out the door, hoping to stop as much yard damage as I could. The wind that hit me was so cold and blowing so hard (the secondary reason the gate blew open ;-) that I was an instantly miserable and dreaded the cat and mouse game I knew was going to follow.

Except I didn't take into consideration secret weapon Hickory, who it turns out was mostly just interested in waking me up and getting me out to the feed him. He instantly trotted over and followed me up to the barn. Handy stood in the middle of the backyard incredulous.


"What are you doing?!?"

"We're free! She can't catch us!!!"

"Oh good GRIEF!!!!!"

And he dejectedly followed us up to the barn.

His buddy T-Bone would never have let him down like that.

I watch this almost daily.

Their favorite game of face fighting.

They'd both be happier hanging out in the same paddock, but T-Bone is a fat piggy and Handy is an old man who needs lots of food.

T-Bone would steal all of Handy's food and is pretty mean about it.

But honestly, I'm not sure Handy wouldn't think that was a fair trade.


Nancy K. said...

I LOVE this post!!!

Lori Skoog said...

Anything for food! What if Handy spends part of the day with T Bone? Like after he has had his morning feed....and then goes back in for the evening feed. Good luck. How does your yard look?

Terry said...

Awww, sweet ponies!

Alice said...

Fascinating capture that gives new meaning to “horsing around"! Is there a winner in this game?
It’s a good thing you have so much land as they have the luxury of being in their own space.... otherwise might there be kick-boxing as well?

small farm girl said...

Good thing you dont have a wire fence. That could get messy. Lol

Ed said...

This could be a Budweiser commercial..LOL!

Terry and Linda said...

Ahhh! BFF!


Bee Lady said...

Reminds me of my dogs.

Cindy Bee


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