Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Can I Have An Extra Leap Day?

So my original plan was to tell you about all the things in this picture...and then some. I'm going to step away from the coffee pot and break things down a bit. First I'll tell you about what's in the plastic bag. You'll just have to wonder about the Minwax ;-).

This might be the nicest (at least to me) fleece I've ever worked with. No, it's not one of ours. You can tell that by how clean it is. Sigh. It's a Border Leicester lamb fleece from a friend who would like it spun so her mother can knit her a vest.

Here is it before washing. Have I mentioned how much I love the way wool smells? Sitting out in the sun - even better :-).

After the first wash cycle.

Here it is completely washed and dried. Look at all the color variations.

Here's a close up from a lock I picked up off the floor, mid-wash. Is wool cool or what? And isn't it weird that wool and cool are pronounced completely different? Maybe I do need another cup of coffee. Or a nap!

Anyway, I wish we had some sort of feel-evision. Not only for this, but for the white (guess what that is) and the red and the gray (in the brown bag) from the first picture. More tomorrow.

In the meantime, how did everyone do with their Find Five challenge? I fell off the wagon during shearing and found it hard to crawl back on. I did get quite a bit accomplished fiber-wise in the last few days though and if I could just have a couple more leap days I might even get the house cleaned ;-).

I am enjoying these challenges and have the next two months already planned out - both good ones! Ready to play along? :-)


Sue said...

While I wasn't perfect about my Find Five, I did make some progress. Got partially re-directed into dealing with the front porch instead of the dining room, but that's ok cuz it needed work too. Now if the weather would cooperate, I could get a few more things done outside before lambs arrive.

janna e said...

Yup, feel off the wagon too but I did get a few things done or at least closer to being done. I'll play along for March.

Christine said...

I'm drooling over the fleece. I think that is what my little Paisley will look like. She's nowhere near that clean though. :(

Bring on the challenges. I need a fresh take on things.

Bee Lady said...

That fleece is gorgeous!
I didn't do well with the find five. I did at first, then I didn't, then yesterday I sat down for about an hour and caught up! What is it with me and finishing stuff...I fill up a bobbin and don't want to mess with it after that. I am not good at plying.

Cindy Bee

Oak Creek Ranch said...

I don't know anything about sheep or wool but I ordered some felting wool from a little farm to felt some soap for Christmas gifts. The wool was from Leicester sheep and I LOVED it!

Lori Skoog said...

Beautious! Love that close up! Wow.

Alice said...

I think I did just fine on the Find Five. You are really good at thinking up fun things to do so count me in ;-)
That fleece is gorgeous and sensuous. If she has any extra......

Benita said...

Tax season kicked my butt for the Find Five Challenge, but most days I got in some knitting time. Still 2 months to do one sock is a bit slow. Okay, I did start a sweater in there, but neither project is close to completion.

Autumn said...

I did not do a good job on the Find Five at all. I was thinking of giving it another go, though!

Jody said...

What a pretty little fleece.
My 3 sheep will be sheared next week so I will have lots to sniff.
I love, love , love the smell of freshly washed and unwashed wool!! Mmm..better than candy :-)

Linda said...

I'm so tired of winter, one more day would be icky for me...but March really isn't much better 32* today with night temps zero. It's supposed to warm up I hope soon!



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