Saturday, January 22, 2011

On The 657th Day Of Christmas

Christmas should be everyday anyway.

I signed up for a spinning workshop a few years ago and was instructed to bring either a contrasting spinning apron or light and dark colored pillow cases. I had to bring pillow cases.

We used the color contrasts to help see what we were doing.

It really did make a difference.

I love painting people's sheep and thought maybe I would try to make and paint some actual spinning aprons for a few friends for Christmas. This one went to my friend Robin. She of course got Boudreaux, Petunia, Woolliam, Buddy, Rebecca Boone and Marcel.

I completely stumped her with the gray lamb though.

"Is this a new sheep you are planning to get this year?"

"Uh, no. I didn't want Marcel to be lonely over there by himself."

Painted sheep have feelings too!

By the way, Marcel got 'tutered the other day, so he's coming home soon. I think he's had a pretty good time over at Tanglewood Farm ;-).


Alice said...

What a beautiful gift for Robin! The dark and ivory sides will definitely show the twist in contrasting yarn. It's a clever, very personalized idea. I am quite sure she will touched by your present especailly when she has it on her lap. ;-)

Nancy K. said...

You have to know that I WANT one! Will you do custom orders? You have access to plenty of pictures of my sheep....


you are evil!

Dreaming said...

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Lori Skoog said...

You do beautiful work....

Michelle said...

Wonderful work, as always. You really must write and illustrate a book about Renny. (Her photo could be on the book jacket.)

junelle said...

I want one, too. Please send me the invoice?



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