Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eat Pray Love

Boudreaux loves to eat.

More than anything.

But he spent most of yesterday praying. That Caspar Belly (aka Spooky Tooth) would stop loving him and just leave him alone. She got a wild hair and harassed him all day. This is not the first time. Apparently she's always had a thing for Boudreaux.

Poor Boudreaux.

Doesn't he have the glazed look of a guy stuck at a cocktail party with the nosy neighbor who loves to get up in everyone's business (that would be Heidi)?

And Momma Emily is left all on her own. Very sad. You can see Caspar Belly looking over at her so she's at least thinking about what she's doing.

But she chooses love.

Boudreaux, you are so big and handsome I can always find you in a crowd.

And I put on lipstick and everything for you. Kiss me you fool.

Peabody can't bear to watch.

This lasted through the evening, but when the rain blew in and everyone moved inside, Boudreaux apparently made an escape. I found him all alone in the inside stall and Caspar Belly had reunited with her momma in the run in.

He loves it when his prayers are answered and he can eat in peace ;-).


Tiggeriffic said...

I was talking to my sister who lives in South Carolina and told her take a peek at your blog and see the newest addition. Remy.. Oh she had already done this and rattled on about all the sheep.. She knew them all~! She is going to love the hat I made for her and see Pumkin's curls on the side of the hat. You'll be able to hear her all the way to Kentucky, oohing and ahhing and crying and laughing and thanking me..and you.
ta ta for now from Iowa....

bj from LaColline said...

I have a thing for Boudreaux, too, so I understand the attraction. Ya know how it 'tis with girls and bad boys!?!
...silly sheep (and this ol'lady)

Susan said...

Oh, the drama that is sheep. It's better than cable.

Alice said...

You can so read your sheep, Sara. It is the farm version of the "Young and the Restless". Stay tuned.

Pam said...

It was funny to read Alice's comment-I was just thinking it was like a soap opera over there. I love the lipstick-y lips.

Verde Farm said...

Oh how cute! Poor Bordeaux. He is a handsome boy--I can’t blame her at all.

Peruby said...

I like the part where Peabody can't bare to watch. He hollers "Get a room!"

flowerweaver said...

That last shot is great! Ha ha.

Deb W said...

Yeah, she was being his 'pocket pet' on "Hug A Sheep" day too - she's right there by his side in my photo.

Oh dear.....unrequited love. Don't those girls know all the boys in the herd are, well.......(you know)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Oh, you are right! Good catch Deb :-D.

Ed said...

He loves the attention, its not easy being the stud in the crowd.:-)

Anonymous said...

"And I put on lipstick and everything for you. Kiss me you fool." That just killed me. Too funny!


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