Friday, November 5, 2010

If You Don't Like The Weather In Kentucky...

...wait an hour...or 10 minutes.

Yesterday Stella and I finally celebrated our birthdays. Hers is the 16th and mine is the 20th. Of August. Hey, it's been a long summer.

Every year we go to Evan's Orchard in nearby Georgetown, buy cider, spice donuts and most importantly, fried apple pies. It was warm and sunny and we sat out on their porch for over an hour.

I came home, headed to the wool house and around 3:00 heard thunder and it started to snow/soft hail. By 3:15 it was pouring rain.

Around 4ish it stopped, the sun came back out and the sheep ventured out...

And decided it was okay to go back to eatin'.

Next in the natural progression of things comes the Adventure Chickens, who, if it's raining, really aren't that adventurous. Miss Ewenice is a bit undecided as well.

The sky was still dark over Stella's, but the horses didn't care.

And as the sun set, the clouds rolled back in bringing a cold front that has us all wearing jackets, hats and mittens this morning.

Except for this last picture, all the shots were taken from inside the wool house through a window and screen. I kind of like the screen "filter".


Gayle said...

Beautiful shot of the sun peeking over the luminous clouds.

Rain isn't much fun, but it looks like your fields take it well. Is rain all the "winter" you get or does it actually snow in Kentucky? (That's probably as silly as asking me if I live in an igloo, but hey, it's early!).

Do you enjoy baking?

Lori Skoog said...

Belated happy birthday Sara...mine is on the 27th of August. I will now remember yours.

The weather is crazy all over the place.

lapdogknits said...

Beautiful...a lifestyle I can only sit and imagine. Thanks for posting such lovely pictures, my bucket list includes one day holding a baby lamb....maybe one day.

thecrazysheeplady said...

It sure is hard to beat holding a sleeping baby lamb. I love the picture of Keebler sleeping in my arms as a baby. My favorite picture.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

It's cold here in the Appalachians, snow arriving tonight through Saturday.

DayPhoto said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Sara!!!!


We are suppose to have snow on Tuesday. UGH!


The Barn Door said...

Hey!!! That's what we say about the weather in Indiana!!!

Alice said...

The weather lately has been much better suited to the birthday celebrating tradition that you and Stella have. It was way too hot in August to sit outside anywhere for an hour.
Looking at your pictures reminded me of feeding the sheep and the chickens some 'nilla wafers just a week ago celebrating Punkin's birthday.
Happy birthday to all of "ewe" ;-)

Nancy K. said...

Happy Birthday!



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