Sunday, November 21, 2010

Like A Book

We built a temporary quarantine chute for Ewenice and Renny to use to travel in and out from the barn to the little lamb lot during the day while the main flock is out in the front field.

Miss Ewenice is never at a loss for words.

I'm going in the barn to take a nap.

What? You're not ready to go in?


She doesn't want to go inside yet.


I just really wanted to go in and take a nap.

Ewenice is doing a great job taking care of Renny. They are really quite cute together.


Lisa said...

I am glad that she is on the mend. I hope all goes well for her. She deserves all the love that you are giving I am sure. Have a nice night.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Miss Ewenice will take good care of her..she will gain confidence and gentle healing now..Hats off to you for taking Remmy in:)

Alice said...

You were looking for a ewe for Miss Ewenice to care for.... and here is Renny, the perfect child for Miss Ewenice. Funny how God's plans work out.

Nancy K. said...

PERFECT captions for your photos! Gotta love that Miss Ewenice. What a sweet, gentle soul!

Happy Dreams!

Heather said...

Our sheep can teach us so many good lessons. Hard times are better with a friend.

Lori Skoog said...

Good news!

Eleanor P said...

Some things are just meant to be. Your blog just filled me with great joy! love to all.

Pam said...

Miss Ewenice reminds me of Maude in the movie Babe. I can just hear her say "Oh, young 'un, you'll be fine".

Ed said...

What a great surrogate mom..:-)

DayPhoto said...

YOu captured them very well. I had a nice little chuckle.

Let me know when the check get there, if you could, please.


small farm girl said...

They remind me of a song....Ebony and Ivory. Live together in perfect harmoney....I could go on but I'll save your ears.hehehhe

Verde Farm said...

What a face Miss Ewenice has--so academic. She looks like a college professor or a teacher of some kind. I just love these photos.

bj of LaColline said...

Spot On with the captions! The "sigh" photo really captured the essence of Miss Ewenice, her classic beauty and patient soul.
Blessings for Miss Ewenice and her special charge.


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