Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Not A Bit Shy

A Sherman flip book.

Notice he's running towards the camera while everyone else is running away.


What on earth is going on out there?



BOING! Great form, Shermie!

There's a wet weather creek running through there.


The shadows are a clue.

Company. With Cameras.

Sherman's no dummy. Any time there are Cameras, there are Cookies ;-).


bj from LaColline said...

I could hear the giggles in between each snapshot! and LOL at the "fine form".
..oh wait --that was me.

Tiggeriffic said...

I wish I could run like that..good job Sherman~! How cute he is bouncing across the field..cookies are a wonderful reward.
I love it ~! ta ta for now from Iowa

Alice said...

Shermie has a good pair of eyes to be able to see the camera that far away... either that or a great pair of ears to hear the shaking of the cookie box . Looks like he's learned well ;-)

CathyD. said...

Oh my gosh. Is Shermie ever CUTE!
He's sure giving Keebs some competition in the cuteness sweepstakes. Thanks for the smiles.

DayPhoto said...

What a cutie running toward a camera NO WAIT COOOKIIEEESSS!


Nancy K. said...

I was grinning from ear to ear, reading this. I SO know the boing...boing...boing! Gotta love sheep.


Deb W said...

The push. The drive. The determination. Sign him up for next year's High Hope Steeplechase!

CathyD was right - you'd better watch your back, Keebs.

Phyllis said...

Can't wait to share this one!

lisa said...

So, cute! You are right he is no dummy! Cookies, yum!

Peruby said...

These photos are rockin' adorable! I am going to envision Shermie bouncing over the creek the next time I cannot sleep and need to count sheep. Of course I would end up giggling and then I'd never get to sleep.

Ed said...

LOL!!! Shermie is a ham...:-)

small farm girl said...

Awwwww! Shermie is the best!!! Oh, by the way, I read on your blog that you feed your sheep vanilla wafers. I tried them with the goats. Now I have a new title for one of my blogs...When Goats Attack!!!. hehehehe. They LOVED them!!!!!

flowerweaver said...

Ha ha! Anything for a COOKIE! Finley had not caught on yet to 'Nilla Wafers. But he'll do his pawing-- which I now call the Show Me The Cookie Foot--for a morsel of a alfalfa cube.

Gayle said...

That's so funny. Your sheep really have character.


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