Saturday, September 18, 2010

Two Days Late

The clouds the other day didn't bring us any rain relief, but the sunset was neat.

This photograph is close, but not really. The sky was on fire.

You know when you see sunbeams streaming down, it's called Jesus light.

Um, what if it's red and coming from the basement?

Just sayin'.

The moon rise. I know why the moon looks like half of it is missing, but I still find myself staring in wonder.

What do you think the cave men thought?

I play with moon shots frequently. Between the low light and weight of the 300mm lens, I naturally find it impossible to get a good shot hand held. I have a tripod, but usually am too ornery to go get it, so have used fence posts, tree branches, try to stabilize my camera. A bean bag is a good option too, but again have not put one together yet. As a funny aside for Linda - I grabbed your bag of Colorado pinto beans the other night to take a picture of our Kentucky moon.

We should all go out at the same time one night and take a moon shot. That might make a fun Sunday Stills challenge!


Alice said...

Cave men thought the moon was married to the sun and the stars were their daughters. Maybe if the sun was red and coming from the basement, she (sun) was a little crispy because he was watching Monday night football ;-)
Great illumination photos, Sara!

Jennie C said...

Beautiful Pictures Sara :)

Lori Skoog said...

I'm for the moon shot! Let me know.

bj said...

Your photos are exciting! While I am entranced by sunsets, it is the moon that holds my soul. I envy your skill (and covet yuor camera). Thanks for the tip about the bag-o-beans prop. I'll have mine ready for that moon shot!

DayPhoto said...

WOW! That was cool! I've never seen sunrays going UP!



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