Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dinner Guest

While Saint Tim was cooking dinner the other evening I walked out to refill the hummingbird feeder and found this lovely butterfly. She'd crashed on the porch steps.

I understand the "circle of life", but still didn't want to see her smooshed by a big dog foot or chewed up by a worthless porch cat so I carefully picked her up.

I posted the other day that I hadn't seen any monarch butterflies. Best way to see one? Put it in black and white that there aren't any ;-). I've seen several now and have enjoyed looking out for all the different sizes, shapes and colors of the many butterflies hanging out at our farm this summer.

This Eastern Tiger Swallowtail had hopefully had an enjoyable time here and done what she needed to do.

If part of her job was to brighten my day, she did just that. You just can't beat the feel of a butterfly resting on your hand. Look at the fuzz on her back.

I carried her up to the big butterfly bush at the wool house and sat her on a bright purple bloom. She immediately started drinking and I felt better about her final hours. So Saint Tim feeds the people (and those stupid porch cats) and I feed the animals.

Our own little circle of life.


DayPhoto said...

You are blessed and by your blessing we are also.

Thank you.


Leenie said...

Beautiful creature. Glad you were so kind. And thanks for sharing the photos. Haven't seen a one of those around here yet.

Ken and Mary of Fancy Fibers Farm said...

So kind of you to look to one of the least among us . . . To see the World in a Grain of Sand,
and a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand and Eternity in an hour (said the poet)

Jennie C said...

Very beautiful Sara.....*hugs*

Alice said...

How thoughtful of you to give the butterfly one last sip of sweetness before crossing the rainbow bridge :-) .

Jody said...

What a beautiful coloured butterfly and her tail is magnificent.


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