Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One Half Of Fat Annie

I'm headed to Ohio Valley Natural Fibers tomorrow and wanted to be able to drop off as much remaining 2010 wool stash as possible while I waited for them to run a couple fleeces. This was my last fleece to wash.

It is actually not an Equinox Farm fleece, but one from CSL Pam. She'd stored it for several years hoping to spin it herself, but realized she was more into the sheep than the spinning and sent it to the wool house. I was concerned it wouldn't wash up well (I've been told fleeces should be washed within one year), but obviously it's beautiful. Doesn't it look like meringue?

As I unwrapped the sheet and started pulling out wool, I pulled....and pulled...and pulled. It was like a clown car - the wool just kept coming. This is the biggest fleece I've ever seen.

Fat Annie.

I think she's a Texel/Cotswold cross - one of Keebler's kin. That table is 4'x6'. This is one half of her fleece. The other half is still in the washer.

This will be a hard fleece to sell. For me to sell that is. I'm sure I'll keep some to make something special for her mom...yeah, yeah, that's what my excuse will be - wink wink.

There looks to be pounds and pounds of Fat Annie and it will all be processed into roving and ready for anyone to spin (these fleeces practically spin themselves so are great for beginning spinners). You might have to look for it under a table at Falmouth though.

Or ask Saint Tim. He'll sell anything...and without a spec of remorse ;-).


Heather said...

That is a gorgeous BRIGHT white! I wish I had the ram that gave this colour to his flock. Wowsers.

DayPhoto said...

That is beautiful! Full, fluffy WHITE!

You did a great job!


Pam said...

Oh, Fat Annie, you look gorgeous. Annie was well before the Cotswold ram came into play...she is pushing 10 or 11 years old. So, I think she is mostly Texel,which is pretty funny, because it is a meat breed, not a wool breed!

Alice said...

Annie's not fat, she's fluffy! What a beautiful fleece!


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