Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eye Candy

I've finished washing the last of the colored fleeces. I set two aside for Kathy to compete with at the 2011 Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival. I'm not sure how competitive lamb fleeces will be, but they were so lovely I thought someone else should see them.

As I started going through the big bag of white fleeces, I set them all out separately to see if there were any in that group that might be show worthy. As I did so, it reminded me of getting the wonderful opportunity to shadow the fleece judge, Letty Klein, at the festival this past spring.

I think (in my spare time - someone. just. shoot. me.) that I am going to skirt each fleece and practice "judging". I would love to learn to be competent at such a thing. Not only would that help me here at home, but as so many people have helped me along the way, I could try to return the favor.

Should I take some pictures?


Jody said...

I enjoy looking at pics of your wonderful fleeces so please do take more pics!

Alice said...

Oh Yes!!! Do take more pictures and tell us what you see in great detail. This will help all of us not waste money on poor quality fleece and also not complain about the price charged for premium fleece. Everybody benefits from a critical eye :-)

DayPhoto said...

Oh, please do! They are my window to weaving, felting, and fleece!


Ed said...

Nice coloring, more pics? You bet..:-)


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