Saturday, July 31, 2010

Spinning Spiders

Dew coated spider art.

Definitely click to biggify.

Aren't they amazing?

If you squint real hard, this one almost looks like fall.

I can't wait!


gtyyup said...

Very pretty!

flowerweaver said...

Our spiders don't weave webs like these beauties. We do have one that weaves a funnel which is kind of interesting. But most are just erratic. You have true spider architects!

Ed said...

Very,Very cool shots, dew+spider webs=great shots..:-))

Alice said...

oh my gosh! Maybe that spider has taken classes from Franklin Habit. What a lacey web indeed!

Jody said...

Everytime I see a leaf turning red (we have trees that do that here in early August) my heart sings! I luv autumn, my favourite months of the year! It's the perfect time for Thanksgiving..when the colours are so vibrant.

Nancy K. said...

You and me both!!!

What incredible photographs!

Linda said...

Awesome shots!!

DayPhoto said...

Beautiful! My kind of art...enjoy what someone else did just for me!



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