Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lace Weight

Ever since I took the Intro to Lace Knitting with Franklin Habit, I'm seeing lace everywhere.

Don't these scallops look like the edge of a fine lace shawl? Infused with flower petals...and full of dead bugs. Okay, maybe not ;-).

I finished up the 2010 Jester white. It has just a touch of gray speckled throughout that might not 100% match the first batch of white. I'm going to use this in the pattern portion so there will (hopefully) be no inconsistency in the body and sleeves. Yesterday I decided to go ahead and spin up the remaining 2010 dark gray, so carded all those batts. Two days left on the Tour de Fleece.

Stella, Jane and I were also spinning honey yesterday - multi-tasking in the mid 90's. We've given up waiting around for a cooler day. One bee buzzed by and checked out my just washed yarn. I rinse with lavender. Maybe she could smell it? Or maybe she's saying "Hey, you got a couple thin spots here!" I really shouldn't be listening to murder mysteries while I'm spinning.

Don't ask about the strawberry plants. They were a the wrong time of year. A few toughies are making a go of it on our (mostly) shady porch. I'm kind of attached.

I always root for the underdog.


Nancy K. said...

About that first photo....



Michelle said...

Did you create any Shetland lace in that class? Do we get to SEE it?

Jody said...

I luv to use Lavender scent on my freshly washed yarn as well :-)
What kind of drum carder do you have? My drumcarder doesn't like any wool unless it's thoroughly degreased.

thecrazysheeplady said...

We got to see some beautiful lace he'd created, but it was mostly an intro and history based class. We did a simple lace sample to get started and he sent us home with a more complicated pattern to teach more stitches... I'll work on that after the TdF is over.

I have a Louet coarse card and a Patrick Green Supercard. I mostly use my Louet and love it. It doesn't give you the "perfect" batts the PG does, but gets the job done.

Jennie said...

The yarn looks wonderful!!!! Reminded me of the yarn I needed to set the twist too and went and did it LOL

DayPhoto said...

A spider web of pure lace...couldn't get much better. Your yarn is lovly.



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